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Optimize your appointments to the maximum with Zapptme, your high-performance virtual scheduling assistant.

Save time and effort, and never miss an appointment again!
With Zapptme, forget about constant manual phone calls, unanswered emails, and manual schedule coordination.
Zapptme reduces cancellations and no-shows by sending reminders to clients prior to appointments, optimizing scheduling, and avoiding unused time slots.
Zapptme streamlines the scheduling process, enhancing customer satisfaction by enabling them to easily book appointments without complications.
Improved Management
Zapptme simplifies client management by providing organized tools and facilitating communication and follow-up with clients.

It's Efficient and Enjoyable

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We help our clients achieve tangible results.
Everything is messaging.
Your clients can schedule and confirm appointments, receive reminders, and make changes, all through messaging.
Calendar synchronization
Zapptme integrates with your existing calendars to automatically synchronize scheduled appointments. You'll have full control of your schedule.
Eliminate the need for phone calls or emails to schedule appointments. The entire process is efficiently done digitally.
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24/7 availability
it is available at all times, 7 days a week. Your clients can schedule appointments according to your convenience, providing you with complete flexibility.
Automatic sending of appointment reminders, preventing forgetfulness and no-shows. You will also receive notifications of any changes or updates to your appointments.
You can customize the scheduling preferences. Zapptme adapts to your specific requirements, providing you with a personalized scheduling experience.
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Trust Your Schedule to Zapptme Today!

Zapptme is a virtual assistant designed for professionals in various fields such as lawyers, dentists, stylists, accountants, psychologists, therapists, among others. Its goal is to streamline their daily routines and improve their occupancy rate, allowing them to focus on providing exceptional service to their clients. With Zapptme, professionals can optimize their time and maximize productivity, ensuring efficient management of their schedules.


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How can I start using Zapptme?
To start using Zapptme's beta version, please complete the contact form. Our team will reach out to you to schedule a personalized demonstration and guide you through using our service. During the demo, we will show you how to make the most of Zapptme's features and effectively communicate them to your clients. We're excited to show you how Zapptme can enhance your scheduling experience! Thank you for your interest in our beta version.
Is Zapptme free during its beta version?
Yes, during the beta version of Zapptme, the service is free for users. This means you can enjoy all the functionalities and advantages of Zapptme at no cost during this testing phase. However, please note that once the final version of the service is launched, Zapptme will transition to a subscription-based paid SaaS. During the beta phase, the Zapptme team aims to gather feedback and make improvements based on user experience to deliver a high-quality product in its final version.
Is Zapptme free for the clients of professionals and businesses who use the service to meet their scheduling needs
Yes! Zapptme offers its scheduling service completely free of charge for the clients of professionals and businesses who use our platform. We recognize the importance of simplifying and streamlining appointment and scheduling management for both parties, which is why we have decided to eliminate any associated costs for end clients. This means you can enjoy the benefits of Zapptme without having to worry about any additional charges, FOREVER. Make the most of the convenience and efficiency that Zapptme brings to coordinating your appointments with professionals and businesses. We are here to make your life easier and enhance your scheduling experience!
What type of professional is Zapptme's service aimed at
Zapptme is designed to be used by a wide range of independent professionals who need to schedule appointments with their clients. Our service is ideal for professionals such as doctors, lawyers, therapists, financial advisors, personal trainers, stylists, consultants, and many others. Any professional who requires efficient appointment and schedule management can benefit from Zapptme. Our platform offers intuitive and flexible tools that allow you to schedule and manage appointments easily and conveniently. If you're an independent professional looking for a practical and efficient solution to manage your appointments, Zapptme is here to help you simplify and optimize your scheduling process.
How can Zapptme help companies in terms of reverse logistics, workshop scheduling, insurance reviews, and other services
Zapptme offers comprehensive solutions for companies, covering reverse logistics, workshop scheduling, insurance reviews, and other services. Our platform optimizes business processes, enabling efficient management of reverse logistics, workshop scheduling, and insurance review scheduling. With Zapptme, companies improve their productivity, optimize resources, and provide a more efficient service experience for customers and internal teams. Simplify your logistics, workshops, and insurance reviews with Zapptme.
How does Zapptme ensure the security and privacy of professionals, companies, and their clients' information?
Zapptme is committed to ensuring the security and privacy of companies and their clients' information. We implement strong encryption and security measures, comply with data protection regulations, and conduct regular audits. You can trust that your data will be protected when using Zapptme for reverse logistics, workshop scheduling, insurance reviews, and other services. Your privacy and peace of mind are our top priorities at Zapptme.
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Emotional balance without complications, Zapptme makes psychological scheduling easy and stress-free.

Join our Zapptme beta version and enhance your appointment management!

Simplify your scheduling, optimize your time, and provide an exceptional experience to your clients.